We know that it can be tough to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing sometimes! These resources are designed to help you with some of the basics.

Argumentative Essay Template

The argumentative essay template is an outline for you to fill in. This worksheet takes you through the basic structure of an argumentative essay, and prompts you to add your counter-arguments and rebuttal.

Basic Essay Structure

The basic essay structure is great for informative or analytical essays. This is best for high school students, and clarifies the essay-writing process; from intro to conclusion!


Now you have your structure figured out, give your writing a go. You don’t need to do any research for these questions – go forth and write!

Basic Maths Word Problems

These problems are best for primary aged children who are still grappling with solving equations when they aren’t in a basic format. Help your child by showing them how to turn a story into an equation. (We’ve done the first one for you).

Sight Words

These words are the 100 most common written words in the English language. Is your child struggling with spelling? If so, these are the ones to star with.

Spelling Skills

These tips are designed to help your child become a better speller. Check out our tips and try them at home!