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We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
We get that when you're considering tutoring, you want to talk about it now! Call 0438 546 314 Monday-Friday to tell us about your child. If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll make sure to call you back as soon as we possibly can!

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General Tutoring Information for Parents

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Commonly Asked Questions and Tutoring Information For Parents

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This page is for parents of current Confidence Boost students. We have put together the tutoring information that we think you will find valuable. Please click on the topic area to see answers to some of our most common questions and requests.

My child is sick – what do I do about tutoring?

Kids get sick! It’s not your fault, and we’ve worked hard to figure out a way to help when your child is unwell.

If your child wakes up sick (or even gets home from school sick) or there is a genuine emergency, send us a text or call on 0438 546 314 and we will organise a catch-up session for when they are healthier. This is also outlined in our policy. Please make sure to let us know ahead of time.

My child has camp/we are going away/they are in the school musical

That’s ok! We know that children have a lot of activities. We only ask that you give us at least 5 days’ notice so we can adjust our schedule. This is outlined in our policy, and it’s really important to us, because it means we aren’t cancelling out on our incredible tutors at short notice. If you give us plenty of notice, we can arrange a catch-up session for your child for the following week.

Every now and then my child has a different tutor. Why?

We intentionally organise our schedule so that your child is likely to see the same tutor about 60% of the time in a term. Most children build a rapport with 2-3 tutors. The reason for this is to ensure that children gain different perspectives. One of the wonderful things about tutoring with us is that we have so many great tutors. If a child becomes particularly dependant on one tutor, they don’t get an opportunity to learn other ways to approach problems or work. At school, your child meets a range of teachers, all with different teaching styles. We want to make sure that your child doesn’t become reliant on one particular style – remember that our aim is to ensure that they are able to work things out independently.

Can I request a particular tutor?

You are always welcome to make a request. Please remember that our tutors are on their own very tight schedules and aren’t necessarily available at every time slot. When a child requests a tutor, we make sure to note it in our schedule so that we can put your child with that tutor (or tutors!) whenever possible. Remember that no child can keep the same tutor 100% of the time (we want them to get some different perspectives) but it’s always great to encourage a strong rapport with tutors.

If I change days can we have the same tutor sometimes?

We are always happy to note a preference for a tutor, and of course we will try and fit you in with a preferred tutor when we can. However, it can be very difficult to keep consistency if a child moves days or times. Most of our tutors have very full schedule, and very few tutors work every day. Most children get to know a couple of tutors well, so it shouldn’t take long for them to be feeling comfortable and happy at a new time!

How can I get information about my child’s tutoring?

The best way to keep up to date with your child’s tutoring is in the last few minutes of their session. We leave this time available to parents. This is an opportunity for you to speak with your child’s tutor briefly, and exchange any notes or updates from school. In addition, parents whose children who have been with us for a full term will receive an email update towards the end of term to let you know what has been happening at tutoring. If you want to chat about your child’s tutoring outside of these times, simply call or email.

Can I request a pair?

You absolutely can. Sometimes we have friends or siblings whose parents would like them to work together. And often we have friends and siblings who we definitely do not want to pair up! If your child has worked really well with another child, or has a preference, please let us know via email or mention it to the manager at tutoring. It’s not always possible, because we want to do the right thing by all of our students, but we will always make a note of it in our schedule, and we try our best to make it happen.

Who should I speak to?
This depends on what you need! At tutoring, you can speak to your child’s tutor at the end of their session. At the beginning of a session, or even towards the end, you may prefer to speak to the manager. One person is in charge each day. At Stanmore, this will be Kate, Bella, Maddie, Karina or Sean. At Parramatta, Susmitha or Nigel will be available.

For administration questions, you can contact Kate or Karina via email or on the phone.

Is it better to email or call?

It depends on what you need! An email is often better for information about scheduling, accounts and invoicing, and general queries. If your question is urgent, or you have a concern, we prefer that you ring us. That way we are more likely to answer quickly, and often if you have a serious question in an email, we will ring to discuss it with you anyway. If you child is sick or will be away, texting is a great option, as it is often difficult to get to emails just before tutoring, and it’s a very popular time for parents to call! Our number is 0438 546 314, and our email is [email protected]

My child needs to change days/times

Not a problem. We do need at least 5 days’ notice if you need to change in the middle of a term, otherwise you can let us know in the holidays. Please bear in mind that if you do change days or times, we will probably need to change your child’s tutor and buddy.

I haven’t received any information from you lately. Why?

We send out an email 2-4 days after we meet you for the first time (unless you start in the last week of term). We also send a newsletter email at least twice during term, and, if your child has been with us for a full term, you will also receive an email update from us at the end of term. If you haven’t been receiving these emails, we may have the wrong address, or the email could be going to your spam or junk filters. We suggest doing a quick check of your spam folder. If you haven’t heard from us within a week of your first session, please get in touch with us so that we can fix the problem. We want to make sure you have all the information you need, and an easy way to contact us!

Why don’t your newsletters and emails have any formatting?

This drives Kate crazy! She loves formatting and making everything as professional and polished as our service. However, when we have sent out polished, formatted emails, two things happen: 1) the email gets caught in spam filter and/or 2) the formatting doesn’t work on the email server you use and becomes hard to read. We decided to send plain text emails from our normal account because it’s more important to us that you actually receive information. If you ever want a PDF version of our news, just ask.

What happens on public holidays?

We don’t tutor on public holidays, and we don’t charge for them. Usually Monday students are most affected. We always give you the option of moving your session to a different day that week, and we can include that n your term invoice, or invoice separately at the time.

Please also note that the first day of term is often a student-free day at some schools. We still tutor on those days, so check with us first if you can’t make it or aren’t sure if tutoring is on!

How does invoicing work?We invoice either 2-4 days after your initial session, or at the beginning of the term (during week 1). You will receive an email explaining the invoice, an invoice as a link and attachment, and a link to, or copy of, our payment policy.

All invoicing is done online (read our policy for more information about why we don’t take cash), and you have plenty of options! Invoices are set up for the term, unless you have asked for instalment options (for example, many parents choose to pay fortnightly). If you receive your invoice and decide you would prefer to break the payments up, just let us know at [email protected]

Payment options are direct debit, paypal and credit. We also accept mailed cheques. Unfortunately, we do not take cash on-site, as we don’t have anywhere safe to keep it.

I lost my invoice!

It happens! Those invoices can get trapped in email inboxes.

To request another copy, ask about your balance, or to get a statement, please email [email protected] We can re-issue an invoice or a statement for you the next business day.

My child has improved dramatically – what now?

Congratulations! We love it when this happens, and we want to celebrate that with your child. Most children love coming to tutoring, and will stay with us a little bit longer to reach other goals (we re-set our focus at the start of each term), or to practice their skills.

If you decide that it’s time to stop tutoring for a little while, let us know at the end of the term by emailing or telling your child’s tutor. If we know before the last session, we can celebrate their success with them!

I am concerned about my child’s school report

Because we work with children who are often falling behind at school, this happens. It’s often a positive for parents as it gives them a chance to see where things are tough or aren’t translating at school. There are a few factors that might be at play, and it’s important that you get in contact if this is causing you serious concern.

1. When they start: It usually takes at least a term to start seeing progress at school. If your child starts in term 2 or 4, their report will reflect 2 terms, when they have probably been steadily improving for the last few weeks.

2. The age of your child: Children moving from year 6-7 or 10-11 will see a huge jump in the standard of work required (this can also happen between years 8 and 9). A new year means a new workload. Particularly at the start of high school or the start of HSC, parents expect children to steadily progress as time goes on, and it’s not uncommon for children to get lower marks when they begin. We work with a lot of children who have been behind in class, and a new year or new level is when some of those gaps will appear. It’s a good thing as it shows us where they are finding it tough in class!

3. What grades is your child actually getting? We see a lot of children who are getting Ds (or below) and who would desperately like to get a C or a B. If your child is sitting around a C, for the most part they are keeping up, which is great. High achieving students are sometimes disappointed when they don’t receive top grades, whereas some students just want to make sure they aren’t failing. Have a look at the comments in addition to the grade – where has the teacher noticed improvement? Is there a specific reason your child hasn’t been able to get the next grade up yet?

4. Motivation and study habits: When a child isn’t performing, even though we can see improvements at tutoring, this is a major factor. Tutoring is only 1 hour a week, and while we work hard to build skills and start and maintain good study habits, it really is up to the child to maintain that focus at home. This is particularly difficult for high school students. If you suspect motivation or study is a big factor, have a chat to your child’s teacher, and to their tutor. There are a few different strategies we can use, and it’s important to work out what will motivate your child to succeed. We go through study skills with each of our students, but the reality is that forming good habits takes time.

We are moving and I want to change to another venue. Can I do that?

You sure can. Again, we need at least 5 days’ notice. Just let us know via email or phone if you want to change venues. We will try to make the transition as easy as possible, but it’s very unlikely your child will have access to the same tutors at a new location. We aren’t a franchise though, which means that our training and standards at the same at every location, and you can still speak to the same people!

I want to tell other people about you

Great! We hope it’s for good reason :-). Just let us know if you want to take business cards or flyers to a friend, and remind them that we are always happy to talk on the phone. If you are delighted with our service and want to leave a review, you can do that using the following links:


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Note: for Google Plus, leave a review by clicking on the pencil symbol.

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