Tutoring tailored to each student

We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
We get that when you're considering tutoring, you want to talk about it now! Call 0438 546 314 Monday-Friday to tell us about your child. If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll make sure to call you back as soon as we possibly can!

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Maths Tutoring in Sydney

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Maths Tutoring For Your Child (Caring Tutors)

Tutoring Your Child in Maths and English

We understand that in every area of life (not just Maths and English), you want the best possible tutoring support for your child to grow up happy and healthy, and to confidently reach their full potential in their studies. Maths and English in Primary school and high school are important for your child, now and in the future.

Children study a huge range of subjects at school from Kindergarten right through to Year 12. When they want to excel in sport, art, or music, we often seek help outside the school gates. When they begin to struggle with a core subject like Maths and English, it can help to seek support with Confidence Boost Tutoring, which provides an experienced, caring approach to your child’s well-being.

Our tutoring classes in Sydney are the best classes if your goal is to find a place where your child is treated as a whole person, not simply the result of their struggles with maths. We have a highly skilled and qualified team who provide:

●    Tailored learning programs to suit your child, every time
●    Developing academic skills across the board
●    No contracts
●    Paired tutoring, not in groups
●    Real results
●    Individual stress-free assessment for each child
●    Direct instructions
●    Your first session with us, free
●    Tailored tuition for primary and high school
Workshops and eventsIf students have not had a supportive teacher or a supportive school environment to learn maths, it is inevitable they are more likely to suffer problems in that maths class and in every maths class after. Students in higher-level classes are required to focus not only on theory, but also on practical knowledge. Both of these skills focus on learning based on prior knowledge. In Year 7, your child is given those building blocks for Year 8, and so on.

If your child has missed out on those crucial earlier building blocks after a difficult year, tutoring can give them a second chance. Confidence Boost gives your child an opportunity to learn science from a trained and experienced tutor who works with your child every week to help them achieve.

Our team helps children to get back on the right track with the best results by working with them on a completely individual basis. You and your child are able to communicate to us your needs both at tutoring, and outside. We take into account reports from school, psychologists and other specialists, and we celebrate your child’s achievements at school and in other areas of their life.

Our team helps children to improve their skills and strengths, motivates them and builds up their confidence. Our maths tutoring classes in Sydney start with a free session and a stress-free assessment for each child to make sure that tutoring happens in a way they understand and can benefit from.

maths tuition SydneyFirst Tutoring Session is FREE

This first free tutoring session helps us get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses; your child will have gaps, but they will also have strengths they can harness to work on those weaknesses. The tutor spends this time with the students to understand their needs and ensure we focus on your child as a person. We discuss your child’s goals and opportunities, and in getting to know them, ensure that we match them with the best possible tutor.

Though we are familiar with the curriculum for each year and subject, we do not have any standard programs. Instead, we create our lessons according to the child’s skill and needs, which we understand may differ from week to week and term to term. We monitor the child’s progress every week and are able to communicate with you about their needs in the same way that you communicate their needs to us. This is the reason we get the best results.
Our tutors have a passion for helping and motivating the students who have lost their faith. We help the students by encouraging and improving their skills in struggling areas so that they believe in their potential and never feel like a failure.

Struggling With Maths? We Tutor in Exam Techniques and Challenge Your Child

Many children have problems writing the answers to exam questions and with time management, but tutoring in Maths and English can make such a big difference! Exam techniques for maths are different to science, English or history, where children are expected to write pages for each question.

Mathematics plays a vital role in many careers and areas of daily life, including science, marketing, engineering, business, and information technology (IT). Nowadays, people are technically advanced and they prefer a higher level of skilled and mathematically qualified employees. So it is necessary to achieve a basic and a more advanced knowledge of mathematics.

mathematics tuitionSome children seem to have no problems in their classes. They achieve satisfactory results just by cruising through the work set for them. However, this may indicate problems in their primary knowledge, and with their self-confidence. Our team assists and nourishes the children who feel aimless and unmotivated by giving them extra challenges and projects in the sessions. We provide them goal-setting plans each term, and then encourage them and give them the tools to achieve their potential.

Mathematics is a challenging subject and most of the students face the problem in understanding its concept. If a child has any gap in mathematics in primary school, then he is most likely to face the problem later as maths also build on fundamental theory and learning. If there is a weak foundation in mathematics then how can the child get on the right track later? Our math tuition classes in Sydney provide the children the right platform as we have trained math tutor staff who teach the children step by step. These tutors understand the children’s needs in the early stage. They fulfill the gap and groom up the child. When child learns the basics, he solves the problem efficiently; it makes him happy and more confident.
Many children get bored quickly with mathematics when they are unable to resolve the queries or every time they get wrong answers. Our  mathematics tutors  help the children and motivate them by teaching them new concepts and different ways to solve questions so that they will take an interest in maths. The teachers help the children learn while having fun and they also share the techniques or easy tricks to help improve the children’s skills and knowledge in math.

Zaina's CBT Photos-2776We provide a friendly environment for both students and tutors. We have a highly skilled and experienced team that empowers the student and supports them to achieve their goal, encourage and motivate them and build up their confidence by working on their weak areas. They teach mathematics in a very natural way that the children like to learn. These teachers teach the skills to solve complicated and confusing problems to get the answers without any hazy calculations. They teach the way to make easy calculations while being able to write the answers in a step by step manner. They work with the child’s mistakes, whether big or small.

What does tutoring mean for me?

We also equip the parents by encouraging and assisting them in helping their child at home. At the end of each session, your child’s tutor will check in with you to provide a quick update on the skills and areas for improvement they worked on that day. Parents may want to help younger children to work on those early skills, so we help you by providing tips at the end of sessions, and in reports from us, which are sent out each term. We provide children with skills they can apply at school and at home, but we understand that homework can be an unnecessary burden on top of exams and assignments they are already expected to complete.