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We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
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Mathematics Tutoring in Ashfield

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Mathematics Tutoring in Ashfield

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Focused on Your Child’s Confidence, Not Just Their Marks!  Fun, Caring Tutoring with No Big Groups.

We make tutoring fun for your child, with no big groups because we’re focused on your child’s confidence, not just their marks! We help children with their self-esteem, not just their school scores.

Boosting Your Child’s Confidence – Mathematics Tutoring In AshfieldSelf-esteem Maths Student

We are here to boost your child’s confidence in mathematics and we love making a difference in Ashfield kids’ lives with fun, enthusiastic Mathematics tutoring.  Many parents remember feeling stuck in Maths when they were at school, and none of us would wish that on our children.  Really, it’s a matter of working out what skills your child is missing and then helping them to learn those skills in a fun and effective way. For younger children we use a lot of hands-on materials, while for older children, we help them make sense of the “mysterious Maths symbols” in their school textbooks.

Local Ashfield Mathematics Tutoring – With Tutors Who Make Maths Fun

Our Ashfield tutors do so much more than just help your child survive Maths.  We also love to help your child develop the important underlying skills like understanding how to set out their working and how to learn from their textbook at home when they are stuck in their Maths.  Tutoring should not just be about “getting on top of the current mathematics content” – instead, it should be about learning the skills that make Mathematics easier for the long term.

First Tutoring Session is FREE at Confidence Boost Tutoring

Remember that your child’s first tutoring session is free, so we can sit down with you and your child and have a look at how things are going in Maths, and create some good plans for how to help your child enjoy Mathematics tuition in the future.  It’s our way of showing your child that we care about kids, not just about Maths.  We love seeing children turn up to their first tutoring session feeling slightly apprehensive, but leaving with a great big smile on their face because they actually feel successful because they have learnt something.  The relief on their faces is such a joy to see!

Fun & Caring Maths Tutors at Confidence Boost Tutoringtutoring west ryde maths

If your child needs a confidence boost for Maths, imagine the impact our fun and caring Maths tutors can have to make your child’s Maths easier! Kids succeed with us because they know that we care and we find ways to make the mathematics fun.  Often parents wish they had found us earlier, but is never too late to boost your child’s Maths skills.

English Tutoring Ashfield – Fun, Caring Tutors (Not just Maths)

Often, Mathematics takes centre-stage when report cards say things are tricky there, but English is also really important, so we love tutoring children in both English and Maths at Ashfield.  So as well as helping your child in Maths, we can also allocate part of their tutoring time to helping your child develop better English skills because so much of the time they spend at school is actually on doing writing tasks.So you can expect your child to gain new skills in both Mathematics and English at Confidence Boost Tutoring.

Confidence Boost Tutoring… Tutors Who Make Maths and English Fun and Easy!tutors sydney

We’d love to tutor your child in Maths and English, building skills and confidence in them so they can enjoy school and do well. We make a massive difference and that goes so far beyond Mathematics and English.  We look for engaging ways to really help your child understand their schoolwork more easily, and to feel more confident when they are facing tricky situations at school.  We can spend all our tutoring time on maths or most of it on Maths with a bit of English, or whatever mix would help your child.

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