Tutoring tailored to each student

We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
We get that when you're considering tutoring, you want to talk about it now! Call 0438 546 314 Monday-Friday to tell us about your child. If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll make sure to call you back as soon as we possibly can!

Tutoring in Stanmore, Inner West Sydney, and now in Parramatta.

Maths & English Tutoring in Pennant Hills

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We can help!

Maths & English Tutoring in Pennant Hills (North Sydney)

EXCITING news for your Maths & English Tutoring in Pennant Hills (North Sydney) for Maths, English etc…

3 FREE tutoring sessions! (Celebrating starting in Pennant Hills).

Contact us before 5th August to receive 3 FREE sessions (instead of 1 free session).

Focused on Your Child’s Confidence, Not Just Their Marks!  Fun Tutoring with No Big Groups.

We believe tutoring should be fun, with no big groups because we’re focused on your child’s confidence, not just their marks! We help your child with self-esteem, not just school scores.

If your child needs a hand in Maths or English, Confidence Boost Tutoring can help

Confidence Boost Tutoring helps students of all ages with Maths and English in Sydney.  We help kids thrive at school and we grow their confidence. Children love working with us!


Maths Tutoring in Pennant Hills – Helping Your Childtutoring sydney

Maths tutoring in Pennant Hills is important for helping your child because it makes school easier and takes the fear and stress out of mathematics.  We can boost your child’s confidence and our caring, helpful tutors get to know your child really well. We’ll understand your child’s hopes and fears and look for ways to help your child succeed at tutoring and also at school.


English tutoring – School is More Than Just Mathematics!

If your child needs a hand with English skills or getting through their school assignments, our friendly tutors at Confidence Boost Tutoring would love to help your child make sense of their schoolwork.  For younger children, we can work on reading and writing skills and for older children we love to help them with their school assignments so they can really succeed. We can create a mix of some English and some Maths in each tuition session… Whatever your child needs is exactly what we’ll do.


Maths & English Tutoring – First Session is FREE!

Your first tutoring session is completely free, so call us at Confidence Boost Tutoring to chat about what your child needs, and how we can help.  Your child will be amazed at how capable they really are with just a little bit of help and support.

Tutoring child in Sydney

Caring Mathematics & English Tuition – Your Child Will Love It!

Our Maths & English Tutoring in Pennant Hills changes lives! Our approach is unique and parents love us because we care about your child as an individual and we help them with their Mathematics and English while we build their confidence.  We’ll also support your child in other subjects and in other life skills. We don’t have a pre-set curriculum… Instead we work out exactly what your child needs and then we do that. We don’t do worksheets. We don’t do big groups. We do whatever your child really needs, so they can feel confident in their Maths and English.


Pennant Hills in North Sydney – Convenient Tutoring Location!

Yes, we are local at Pennant Hills in North Sydney and here to help your child thrive and love life. It’s not really about Maths or English – Instead it’s about helping your child be the best that they can be and valuing your child for who they really are.