Need a Psychologist or Paediatrician… What about tutoring?

Most parents feel really anxious and don’t know where to turn when searching for a psychologist or paediatrician. If your child’s core issue is a confidence issue, we would love to support you!  Mums and dads love having a chat and getting some ideas and their kids love feeling valued!

Building self-confidence and self-esteem

If you need help for your child’s confidence, we care and we will treat your child as a real person who has value, worth and a bright future.  That something that no psychologist or paediatrician can provide. We want your child to feel successful and will help schoolwork feel more fun and achievable.  Ideal, yes?

Self-esteem Maths Student

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Paediatricians and Psychologists OR Tutors Who Love To Help (K-12)

There is a place for paediatricians and psychologists, but if your child actually just needs tutors who love to help build your child’s self-esteem and self-worth, we’re here!

Confidence Boost Tutoring Supports Paediatricians and Psychologists

Confidence Boost Tutoring helps children through the tough things they are facing at school, and when school is easier, the support of a paediatrician or psychologist is way more effective.  As you can imagine, if schoolwork is easier than life is easier.

Psychologists, Paediatricians or Caring Tutors – It depends on what your child needs

Some issues genuinely need a paediatrician and a psychologist… But if not, maybe we are what you’ve been looking for the whole time! If your child is not safe, or at serious risk, obviously contact a psychologist or paediatrician, but if the real issue with the skills-based or confidence-based issue, we care, and we can help.