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Screen Time Addiction Help For Your Child

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Is Screen Time and Computer Addiction Hurting Your child’s schoolwork?

Screen time and computer addiction really hurts your child’s school performance, but we are here to help. We understand that some kids and teenagers get stuck in a spiral. We don’t have a magic wand for screen time, but we can help your child’s English and Maths skills.  Parents love us because we love to help their kids.

Confidence Boost Tutoring helps your child succeed at school and in life

We care about helping your child succeed at school and we understand that life is bigger than English and Maths. Confidence Boost Tutoring is here to help your child:

  • Children feel confident again.
  • Increase their self-esteem.
  • English and Maths skills – learning in a fun way.
  • Help your child enjoy school again.

Tutoring in Parramatta and Stanmore

Self-esteem Maths Student

Tutoring child in Sydney self esteem

Is the real issue the computer screen addiction, or low self-confidence

Some children hide away from the world, seemingly with a computer screen addiction, but the core issue is low self-confidence or poor self-esteem. When children feel they can’t succeed in the real world, they can find themselves addicted to Facebook, social media and the Internet.  It’s important for parents to get help for their children if their child has lost control.

Screen Time and Computer Addictions can stop your teenager from studying… But we can help!

Computer addictions and screen time can really get in the way of your child’s studies and homework.  That’s when we are here to help. Sometimes kids feel stuck and they need a hand, so everything we do is built on a friendly relationship with parents and children. Teenagers and kids listen to us, even when they don’t listen to you. Strangely, we are probably saying the same things to your child that you have been!

Confidence Boost Tutoring helps kids get back on track with their English & self-esteem fun tutoringMaths

We are the experts at boosting confidence in children so they can get back on track with their English and Maths. Choose us because:

understand the impact of too much screen time on kids

we see beyond the “issue” to the self-confidence and self-esteem beneath

we work with children in pairs so they can use healthy social skills while they learn their maths and English skills

Your child loves working with us, reducing your homework battles

If homework time is a battlefield in your home, let Confidence Boost Tutoring help.  We’ll do the hard work with your child, so you don’t have to do.


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