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We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
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After a few sessions, most parents notice that their child’s self-esteem has improved. You might see this as your child experiences less worry in going to school, is better prepared for class, speaks more confidently, or simply gets excited about coming to tutoring. You are likely to notice improvements at school, usually through improved concentration, better feedback from teachers, and an improvement in grade.
At your first lesson (which is free), you and your child sit down with one of our principal tutors. At the lesson, we assess your child’s skills and explains the process to you and your child. At this meeting, you can bring up any questions or concerns you have, and explain your child’s goals and concerns. From there, we work together to write up a plan to ensure that your child gets tutoring specific to their needs. This includes a break-down of how much time to spend on each skill or subject area, the type of work that will keep your child engaged, and effective work for your child’s skill level.
At the first lesson, we usually ask that you bring your child’s latest report, and any examples of school work that you want us to see. If your child is a bit nervous about coming to their first session, encourage them to bring something they’re proud of, like a certificate, trophy or medal.
Other than that – nothing! We supply everything your child needs to succeed. However, children are always welcome to bring a book or a small amount of homework if they have specific questions for their tutor.
At the first lesson, we ask that parents and children attend together (one parent is fine!). This gives you a chance to see what we do at tutoring, and how we tailor your child’s sessions. After that, you are free to leave your child for the hour. If you prefer, you can remain at the hall – we have a lounge area, as well as tea and coffee.
We expect children to attend once each week during the term. Some parents prefer two sessions each week, we allow this where it is appropriate. For most children, it is important that they don’t feel overwhelmed by tutoring – we want you and your child to have plenty of time for other activities during the week!
If you’ve never been to tutoring before, you can expect that your child might be a little apprehensive. That usually disappears when they meet the tutors and students. At Confidence Boost Tutoring, we like to keep things friendly. That means that you can expect a positive attitude from tutors, some creativity from the students, and a lot engaging work!

If your child is concerned about coming for their first session, remind them that unlike school, we won’t be grading them or asking them to answer tough questions in front of a class. We want to get to know your child – and they get to make a few friends too!

We don’t put children in groups. Children work in pairs. We believe this is much more effective than having groups, as students have the tutor’s full attention for the lesson. It also means that children who are shy or lacking in confidence cannot be intimidated or quietened by more dominant students. When a child is still waiting for their buddy, they are tutored one-on-one. To make up for the fact that they are working alone, we encourage them to participate in at least one activity with another pair at least once each session.
Your child’s lesson is tailored, which means that for most of the lesson, they are concentrating on their own work, with the aid of their tutor. For certain parts of the session, both children will work together.
Usually tutors will assign a small homework task to keep your child on track. For younger students, this may be reading a short book, practising a set of times tables, or a short writing task. Older students are asked to write paragraphs, or finish maths problems.
Tutoring is supposed to complement what’s happening at school, not add to the burden! If there is a need for homework, we will provide it. For most students, a small task is plenty. If you have a preference about your child receiving or not receiving homework, please let us know.
Lessons are $62.50/lesson, which means  $625 per term. We really value families, and so we offer a family rate of $575 per term (more than one child). Our payments are pretty flexible :-). We don’t have any ongoing contracts, and we allow parents to make payments in small installments if they prefer. All payments are made online.
Not necessarily. This is a great question. While some tutors are teachers, we don’t see a need to have teachers exclusively. Your child has teachers at school, and a teacher is not always the best fit. For example, a primary school teacher is not going to be much help to a year 11 maths students. We also find that because many of our students are having trouble at school, a different perspective can make a huge difference. What our tutors all have in common is that they are passionate, reliable and always put their students first.
Absolutely. Tutors are required to have working with children checks. Tutors are never alone with students, and the business is covered by a working with children check. Our staff are carefully assessed before they can work with children, and tutors are supervised at all times.
If you need to miss a lesson, please give us as much notice as you can. If you can provide 5 days’ notice or more, we can organise a make-up session for another day that week or next (if you can’t organise a catch-up session, we credit that lesson for next term). If your child is sick, please let us know early in the day – we want to make sure our staff and students are healthy!
If no notice is given, or you simply forget, we cannot provide a refund. We need to make sure that staff are paid, even if you don’t turn up.
Not forever! As long as it takes to reach their goals. We give you updates on how your child is progressing. Confidence Boost Tutoring isn’t designed to see your child in tutoring until the end of their school days. We want to help them reach their goals so that they can go on and succeed without the need for tutoring.


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