Tutoring tailored to each student

We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
We get that when you're considering tutoring, you want to talk about it now! Call 0438 546 314 Monday-Friday to tell us about your child. If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll make sure to call you back as soon as we possibly can!

Tutoring in Stanmore, Inner West Sydney, and now in Parramatta.

Quality Tutoring – Sydney Tutoring

//Quality Tutoring – Sydney Tutoring
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How We Make a Difference

Each child we meet his/her own unique needs. Some of our students are already determined and conscientious – they are looking to improve their marks and abilities. Other students come to us not knowing how to read or write fluently. Others still lack confidence and get worried about going to school. During your free tutoring session, we discuss your child’s goals, and look at what they need, to have an effective tutoring plan. We work in Parramatta and Inner West Sydney tutoring children of all ages to help them get back on track and feel good about school.

We are committed to sending every one of our students home smiling! Our approach makes study fun, and because children are having a good time, they become motivated to learn.

We’ve helped children improve their marks, feel better about school, and tackle big exams. We’ve included a few real-life case studies for you below!

When this Year 1 student first met us, he was unable to read more than a sentence at a time. He was discouraged and refused to read or write when asked to at school. He found spelling impossible, and he couldn’t make out basic, everyday words in picture books. First, he began to read street signs out loud – something he had never done before. After a few months, he was able to read most of the pages in his new chapter books! He was so proud that he started reading to other students in the room. He can now pick up any book and is able to read on his own.
This Year 9 boy surprised his teachers with the difference in his answers after he started English tutoring. After a term with Confidence Boost Sydney Tutoring, he went from always getting Ds in English, to getting consistently above 80% in his English essays and exams.
This Year 3 girl came to us because she didn’t want to go to school. She would get stomach aches at recess because she was scared of her maths class, which was always after morning tea. After a few weeks at Confidence Boost, the change in her personality was huge – she was eager to go to school, knew her times tables off by heart, and started to really enjoy maths at school.
One of our Year 12 students came to see us for his first session because even though he was studying consistently, he wasn’t getting the marks he had hoped for in English. Even though he was capable of getting As, he was only managing a C average. He worked with his tutor to improve his structure and technique in his responses. He has since done his trials, and received the highest band results for his English units.
When we first met this Year 5 student, she struggled to write complete sentences, and wasn’t very sure of her punctuation. She was very shy and worried about getting the answers wrong. During her first few weeks, her tutor helped her to get comfortable with writing again, using picture blocks as a game to improve her description and vocabulary. Now, she can write about anything, and doesn’t have to worry about her punctuation or grammar. Her teachers have noticed a difference too, and she is feeling much more confident about her school work!

Children who come to Confidence Boost succeed because we give them the support, motivation and skills that they need to make big changes in their work. Those changes last a life-time, staying with children long after they finish tutoring.

Our effectiveness comes from our approach, and from having some of Sydney’s best tutors. We love our work! Confidence Boost provides Sydney Tutoring in Stanmore and Parramatta for both Primary and High School Students. Contact us to find out how we can help your child.