Tutoring tailored to each student

We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
We get that when you're considering tutoring, you want to talk about it now! Call 0438 546 314 Monday-Friday to tell us about your child. If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll make sure to call you back as soon as we possibly can!

Tutoring in Stanmore, Inner West Sydney, and now in Parramatta.

What Happens at Tutoring?

//What Happens at Tutoring?
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FREE First Tutoring Session  (We tutor at Parramatta, Stanmore & Ashfield)

We take our job seriously, and we spend a lot of time getting to know you and your child before we begin tutoring on a regular basis. After an initial phone call with you, we get to meet you and your child for the first time. We can’t wait to meet you!Math tutoring Parramatta

Your first session is free, and it’s a chance for you to get to know us – and for us to get to know you….

A Personalized Approach to Tutoring

At Confidence Boost, we take the time to sit down with you and find out what’s really been happening for your child. We’ll ask your child about their favourite things to do, how they’re finding school, and what they find difficult or frustrating. Once your child is feeling comfortable, we’ll ask them to do some work. For children in primary school, this is usually a little bit of Reading, some Writing, and some basic Maths. For older students, this depends on the subjects they want to cover at tutoring.

Once we find out where they’re really struggling, we explain what’s happening, and show you how we can begin working on problems straight away. And, if you want to help at home, we can give you some pointers to make life easier when it’s time to do homework! From there, we’ll map out a plan for your child’s tutoring sessions.

Once we know what your child really needs, we can make sure they have a tutor who knows how to help. We tutor at Parramatta, Stanmore, Ashfield and the Inner West. For information about our venues, head to our location page.

Tutoring in Pairs – (Not in Big Groups!)

Tutoring in Parramatta and Stanmore

We want your child to get the most from their session, and that means providing them with the motivation, support and environment to succeed. Children may be tutored individually until we find the right partner. For some children, this can take 2-8 weeks.

We know that this is a new concept for some parents. We’ve included some extra information on our starting page. Children love working in pairs because it gives them so many opportunities for educational games and team-work in addition to their individualised work. We like to see children working together – and they love it too!

Making new friends helps children learn

It can take time to get to know what your child needs, and children tend to open up a lot faster when they have a buddy. We’ve found that tutoring students in pairs gives the best results. When your child works with their buddy, their motivation and interest goes up, their work improves, and they see results faster.

Confidence Boost is carefully set up to create an incredible learning environment. No-one is left feeling isolated, and children get the personalised support that they need to improve. From experience, we know that children are motivated for longer when they work with a friend. Their partner becomes their support and motivation, children are happier in tutoring, and the results speak for themselves.

When we tutor Parramatta or Stanmore students, we are always keeping a watchful eye on how they are easing into tutoring, which means keeping an eye on their pairs, the work they do, and giving you time to chat to us. The last few minutes of each session are dedicated to our parents, and it’s a great time to have a chat with your child’s tutor.

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