Hello Teachers – Thank you & Welcome

Teachers, thank you for taking the time to help out. It’s almost certain that you are here because a parent has requested that you let us know some information that can help one of your students succeed with us. We value the effort and energy you have put in to take the time to create a great connection between home and school and Confidence Boost Tutoring.

Teachers, please tell us how we can best help your student

We are asking you to help us see what skills this student is missing in your class, so we can help to train this child with those skills. We are focused on developing skills, not just content. If you can help us understand what skills this child needs, we can help grow their skills at Confidence Boost Tutoring.

Please just send a short email to us at [email protected]. Please also cc the child’s parents because then they’ll appreciate that you took the time to care and it is also great for keeping communication lines open.

Thank you so, so much!

It helps so much!

Miles won an award for ‘Most Improved’ for maths from the school. We definitely could not have done it without you guys – so thank you very very much … I never thought that we would be in this position at the start of the year!!!
– Nigel (Son in year 7)