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We don’t have standard programs or lessons. Your child has a standard lesson plan at school. Instead, we create lessons based on your child’s unique needs. We monitor your child's progress and change our approach whenever necessary. This is why we are so effective and it's why we get results.
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The Australian Newspaper, September 2015

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To be honest, we don’t love exams. We don’t think anyone does! They are stressful and challenging and irritating…and part of life. For our HSC students, exam technique is a skill we discuss a lot. At the end of the day, external exams are about the only way to measure a child’s strengths without assistance from a tutor/teacher/parent/friend. Yes, they aren’t perfect, and if you’re having a bad day, then exams can feel pretty unfair. However, compared to assignments done at home, they provide a measure of fairness that is very difficult to find elsewhere. At Confidence Boost, we will never see exams as the ‘gold standard’, but we’re thrilled that the issue of equity is being addressed by educators.

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The Australian Newspaper, August 2015

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Image from article in The Australian August 2015: Parents desperate for results turn to tutors for NAPLAN tests by Natasha Bita.

The Australian quoted Kate in an article about paying tutors to boost NAPLAN marks. Our position is, and always has been, that we do not prepare children for NAPLAN, and there should be no reason to use NAPLAN results outside of assisting the child, class and school. Unfortunately, some schools do look at NAPLAN results, and some parents do get concerned. We see a number of parents worried about NAPLAN – if you are concerned, speak to your child’s teacher. NAPLAN is great at helping us to see the areas your child could use a hand in, but remember there are many ways to assess a child’s learning ability and progress!

Excerpt from 17/08/2015

Pushy parents are paying tutors to boost their children’s test results in the National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy, to gain entry to top schools.

Kate Edney, the founder of Confidence Boost Tutoring in Sydney, is expecting a rush of enrolments once parents receive their children’s NAPLAN test results.

“NAPLAN is useful in showing parents where their child is really doing well or struggling, and is much more objective than a teacher could be,’’ she said.

Local Sydney Newspapers October 2014

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